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2014 SLK Class SLK250 SLK350 ROADSTER 018 CCF DHow its hardtop makes it easygoing.

Like the Gullwing doors of the iconic 300SL, the SLK's hallmark is its power retractable hardtop. In under 20 seconds, it folds into the trunk, leaving ample luggage space and delivering open-air euphoria. Choose a standard Panorama roof with a tinted see-through panel, or the electronically variable tint of exclusive MAGIC SKY CONTROL.


Handcrafted horsepower, from one man's hands

Crafted by the hands of its own master engine builder, the 415-hp V-8 in the SLK55 AMG is also a technological powerhouse. Joining forces with an AMG SPEEDSHIFT® 7-speed and such handling advances as Torque Vectoring Brake, it's a racing pedigree you can feel in every rev, every move, and every snarl its four polished tailpipes unleash.

Pure sports-car magic: an open-air cockpit for two that tames the wind as driving passions run wild. The SLK embraces you in impeccably tailored power sport seats, engages you with a racing-inspired flat-bottom steering wheel, and extends the joys of top-down driving with its available AIRSCARF® neck-level heating system

2015 SLK CLASS SLK250 SLK350 ROADSTER 075 CCF DRelishes the redline, respects the blue sky.

Innovative engines deliver more power and torque with lower emissions and higher mpg. Both the 201-hp 1.8L turbo-4 in the SLK250 and the 302-hp V-6 in the SLK350 don't just get you to 60 in fewer seconds. Their rapid-multispark ignition and high-pressure Direct Injection respond in fewer milliseconds, so all your getaways are cleaner.

2014 SLK Class SLK350 ROADSTER 001 CCF D

Line up the stars, or block out the sun.

A Mercedes-Benz exclusive, MAGIC SKY CONTROL turns its Panorama roof transparent by electrically aligning tiny particles within its special glass overhead panel. Switch off the power and it darkens, to help keep out harsh sunlight and its thermal energy. It effectively blocks UV and infrared rays in either mode, helping keep the cabin cooler.

2014 SLK Class SLK250 SLK350 ROADSTER 020 CCF D

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In the moment, and for your future.

The SLK raises the bar for roadster safety engineering. Advanced technologies like adaptive brakes and ATTENTION ASSIST® driver-drowsiness detection help you avoid an accident. And if you can't, an ultra-high-strength steel, aluminum and magnesium body, dual fiber-reinforced steel roll bars, and eight air bags team up to help protect you.