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980x250 FALL WEB Face Endocrine disrupters





  1. Parabens are the preservatives used in many commercial cosmetic body care products and healthcare products.
  2. Triclosan is pesticide with antibacterial properties that is used in commercial soaps and toothpastes.
  3. Dichlorophenols are compounds often found in indoor deodorizers.
  4. Bisphenol A is a plasticizer chemical used to make polycarbonate-based plastics.
  5. Benzophenone-3 is a UV filter chemical used in sunscreen products.
  6. Epoxy resins are leachable additives in the lining of food cans and dental amalgams.

Today's anti-aging market is expanding to incorporate various consumer concerns,and wrinkles are no longer considered the only sign of aging.  Dry skin, uneven skin tone, and dark under eye circles are now topping lists of anti-aging concerns among consumers. 

The constant demand for new skin care products is leading to exciting innovations in natural products and multifunctional ingredients, and with this in mind we have spent two years developing The Extra Care range.

As with all Organic Surge products, we have made great strides in natural products and have combined these concerns with our multi-sensory approach to skin care, allowing the consumer a product that is effective and yet pleasurable to use.  Rather than choosing a quick-fix product that can irritate the skin, we are offering a range of products that strengthen and support it.

Each of our expert formulations in the Extra Care range is designed to meet the unique needs of sensitive skin. As well as rejuvenating your skin, the wealth of natural and organic ingredients also help to protect even the most sensitive skin types.  Organic Surge does not endorse the negativity associated with ‘Anti-Ageing’ – which is why we have chosen the ranges tag line as ‘Timeless Skin Solutions’.  

Why Natural?

In anti-ageing and beauty trends, the desire for more natural ingredients is one of the fastest growing around the world. According to an anti-aging survey by Mintel, 76% of respondents who are concerned with aging report being interested in products with natural/organic ingredients.  As consumer demand for natural products increases, we have been constantly challenged to keep pace and find new ingredients and formulations that are natural while providing the exceptional results beyond what consumers expect from synthetic products.  With an organic content of up to 92%, the Extra Care range brings together:

Extraordinary research Extraordinary ingredients Extraordinary results To guarantee: Rejuvenation with essential oils Condition with nourishing balms Protect with intensive creams   Natural oils such as argan and coconut, which are frequently used within the Extra Care Range have historically been popular ingredients for hair care, but today these oils are gaining recognition as a versatile option for skin care products as well.  

The products Our new Extra Care range allows consumers to try and love premium products at a more premium price point for consumers yet remain affordable.

Remember your skin is the largest Organ and what we apply on the skin get absorbed into the blood streem - Healer Omar

Avoid exposing your skin to toxic chemicals in sunscreens, several of which are endocrine system disruptors, that increases the risk of cancer